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Auburn Behavioral Health Court

For more information contact:
Carol Colvin, M.S., C.A.S.A.C
ABHC Resource Coordinator
157 Genesee Street
Auburn, New York 13021
Phone: (315) 237-6430

As a participant in the AMHC program, you will be required to follow the instructions given in court by the ADATC Judge and comply with the treatment plan developed for you by your counselor/case manager.


The Auburn Mental Health Court (AMHC) is a special part of Auburn City Court. It is a court-supervised treatment program for people who face criminal charges and who also suffer from a persistent mental health condition which is likely to have contributed to his or her involvement in the criminal justice system. Mental Health Court is a voluntary program that includes regular court appearances before the Mental Health Court Judge. If you are accepted into the AMHC, you will be expected to follow a treatment plan.


A treatment plan will begin with an evaluation conducted by a Licensed Mental Health facility, such as Cayuga Community Mental Health. If you also have a drug or alcohol program, you may also be referred to an OASAS Licensed drug and alcohol treatment facility such as Confidential Help For Alcohol and Drugs, Inc., (CHAD) or Recovery Counseling Services (RCS).

The plan may require all or some of the following:

  • Individual and/or Group Mental Health Counseling
  • Day Treatment
  • Inpatient treatment/Residential treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Random supervised drug and alcohol testing
  • Community-based case management or care coordination services
  • Educational/vocational/employment programs
  • Appropriate Housing
  • Participation in Self-Help Groups
  • Volunteer Service
  • Appropriate Social Support
  • Life Skills (such as anger management, family counseling and budgeting)

Your Treatment provider will also help you with other areas of your life according to your individual needs. This may include referrals for:

  • Skills testing and an educational assessment
  • Job Training and job-related training
  • School or other educational services
  • Job placement services
  • Family Counseling
  • Public Assistance/Medicaid
  • Recreational activities


Following your arraignment you may be offered the choice of participating in AMHC or remaining in criminal court for prosecution on your pending charges. If you choose to participate in Auburn Mental Health Court, you will be required to plead guilty prior to entering the program. You will be sentenced upon receipt of a pre-sentence investigation, but may enter the program before being sentenced. It is anticipated that most participants will be sentenced to a period of probation. Successful completion and graduation from the AMHC program may allow you to have your sentence converted in accordance with the AMHC contract.

NOTE: Termination from AMHC will result in sentencing in accordance with the AMHC contract.


To remain in the AMHC program you are required to follow the AMHC rules, which include:

  1. You must participate in regular court supervision (in other words, you must show up at Mental Health Court and for meetings with the AMHC Resource Coordinator on time).
  2. You must attend all scheduled treatment and support services appointments and comply with all referrals and recommendations.
  3. You must take all of your prescribed medications.
  4. You must abstain from the use of alcohol and intoxicating beverages, marijuana and controlled substances.
  5. You must compelte all required paperwork.
  6. You must comply with the terms and conditions of the AMHC Participant Contract.
  7. You must successfully complete all three phases of the program.